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Dear customer,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce our company “ Tafannun art works” , TAW , it is your home, office, factory, not just iron works

The best value for money: we provide comprehensive solutions “not just a product” according to international standards, with an economical competitive pricing guarantee and a unique Customer care system.


TAW is Jordanian company located in Amman Jordan has been serving since 2007, and has established a reputation for high quality manufacturing. TAW uses high technology equipment and engineering services as a company in (steel) processing sector and recently does business with international companies.


TAW mission is to provide innovative and cost effective steel fabrication solutions so that our clients can focus on their core businesses and incoming generating activities.


TAW vision is to be the leading provider of acquisition support services and workspace solutions, contributing  to our client’s success and representation their interests and priorities.


Address:Jordan - Amman - Al Raqeem - Behind Total - Furat Bin Habban Street Tel:+962-6-4122291 Fax :+962-6-4122295

 Mobile :+962-7-99644495 E-mail: info@tafannun.com
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